ABA Political Advocacy

The Alabama Bankers Association is the largest and oldest trade association representing Alabama’s financial services industry.  For more than 100 years, ABA has used its influence in the halls of power in Montgomery and Washington DC to shape the issues that are important to Alabama banks and the communities and customers they serve.  Whether in the Capitol or back home, ABA works with policymakers and regulators at the state and federal levels to make sure they understand how their decisions impact Main Street, Alabama.

Your input is key to maintaining our status as a first-tier trade group in the eyes of key decision-makers who can impact your institution.  This page is designed to help you stay up-to-date on political issues that may be impacting the state’s banking industry.

You can shape the future of banking in Alabama!

Federal Issues

Washington DC is hundreds of miles away from any city in Alabama, but what happens in our nation’s capital directly impact banks in every corner of the Yellowhammer State.  More information on the Association’s federal lobbying efforts.


Regulatory Issues

In our business, regulatory changes can be harder to keep up and even harder implement.  Whether new rules are coming out of Montgomery or Washington, the Alabama Bankers Association works to help our members avoid potential landmines.  More information on how we accomplish that goal

State Issues

Maintaining strong relationships with the decision-makers who represent our member banks in the Alabama Legislature and tracking what’s going on at the Alabama State House are at the heart of the Alabama Bankers Association’s advocacy efforts.  More Information to stay updated on what’s happening in the state capital


One of the best ways to “make your voice heard” in political affairs is by ensuring that the Association has healthy state and federal political action committees.  More information about ABAs PACs and how you and your bank can contribute!