Bank Executive Leadership Certification Program

Learn to Lead Not Manage

Our Purpose: Build the Industry's Future Leaders

The purpose of the B2L Bank Executive Leadership Certification Program is to develop the Alabama banking industry’s next generation of promising leaders. The 18-month program is designed for highly motivated mid- to senior-level banking professionals. This program will equip promising executives with the ability to handle the challenges associated with moving into new and more complex leadership roles.

2020 Leadership Certification Brochure


The Curriculum will enable participants to learn how to:
  • build effective teams,
  • communicate with persuasion
  • manage conflict 
  • identify and develop top talent
  • lead under pressure, and champion change

A Further Purpose: Build the Association’s Future Leaders

It is the association’s desire that graduates of the program build a network of leaders that remains committed, loyal and actively involved in matters that affect the association and our ability to help our member banks to serve the financial needs of the communities in which we live and serve.

What You Can Expect

The curriculum is designed to increase your competency in a variety of core business skills while simultaneously developing your ability to lead and develop others. Upon graduating you will return to your organization able to:

  • Think strategically
  • Recognize strong leadership qualities in yourself and others, as well as increasing your awareness of your own blind spots
  • Communicate persuasively in public, among peers, in meetings and in the boardroom
  • Deliver and receive feedback
  • Solve complex problems effectively amidst rapidly changing, complex business environments
  • Manage internal and external politics, create buy-in, resolve conflict, and build relationships that achieve both professional and personal goals
  • Build effective teams that create and achieve alignment between senior management and the front-line
  • Lead through and effectively manage conflict Identify and develop top talent
  • Align multiple life roles that improve time management, reduce stress and decrease burn-out

Program Participants Will Receive:

1. A comprehensive pre-program assessment of your:

  • Leadership skills using the Leadership Challenge Practices Inventory 360-degree Assessment®
  • Behaviors and preferences identified by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test®
  • Conflict resolution styles measured by the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Test™
  • Behavioral traits determined through the DiSC Behavior Assessment®

2. A detailed plan for growth that includes:

  • Charting a course for where you want to be by developing your Personal Leadership Skills 12-month Improvement Plan
  • Learning how to check your progress through a follow-up assessment after the program that gathers feedback from mentors, peers and subordinates
  • Determining what support you will need to be successful

3. All handouts and tool kits for personal use

4. Experiential learning activities and hands-on class work that combines peer- to-peer learning groups and feedback sessions

5. Exclusive access to a world-class faculty

6. The opportunity to build a network and learn with the state’s most promising new leaders